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 “Give us Life”  Psalm 80:81b



Give Food this Christmas

We can focus on the urgent need for food.


Our partners are giving people access to food, and helping them survive through changing weather patterns and disaster.  They can do this work because of your support.  Working together we can make sure no one is left behind.

The 2030 Agenda for Social Development

At the global level, CWS recognises the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as one opportunity to address some of the factors that drive poverty and injustice.

In September 2015 at the United Nations General Assembly world leaders signed up to seventeen ambitious goals that if achieved would transform the world as we know it.  From the first goal to “End Poverty in all its forms everywhere” to the 17th requiring a strong commitment to partnership and cooperation, nations agreed to a vision ‘to leave no one behind’. Alongside the goals are 169 targets – for example free and equitable primary and secondary school education for all – and the expectation that nations will report on their achievements.  Governments are collecting the relevant statistics and dates are set for reporting.  The interconnected goals were adopted by and for all countries, including Aotearoa New Zealand.


Earlier this year, ACT Alliance, the World Council of Churches and others produced the Sustainability Book which looks at the Agenda from a Christian perspective.  Each goal is considered in turn using the see-judge-act method.  There is valuable theological material that will add depth to what is produced here, plus prayers and questions for reflection.

Our partners can reach communities where governments cannot go.  They know that change happens when people work together, sharing knowledge and skills.  Donations to the Christmas Appeal will support their work and make sure no one is left behind.









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Netani Rika from the Pacific Conference of Churches

This Christmas give families the basics of a sustainable life.


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