Our featured partners

In this year’s Christmas Appeal we feature stories from some of our local partners who are making sure people have food today and tomorrow.  They are a snapshot of the work they do.  Your donations will support their work.

The link pages will be updated shortly.

The Cry for Climate Justice

Pacific peoples invite us to join their struggle to protect creation for all.
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The Cry for Rights Justice

In South India, Muneeswari invites us to join the campaign for basic human rights for all.
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The Cry for Covid Justice

In Uganda, families affected by HIV and AIDS invite us to join them as they work to protect their communities from Covid.
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The Cry for Economic Justice

In Nicaragua, small farmers invite us to share skills and resources so they have food and a decent livelihood.
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The Cry for Peace with Justice

In the Holy Land, people are finding ways forward despite violence and the occupation.
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